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      August 21, the third "brand Foshan - economic source of power," a series of activities held in Foshan City China Europe International Conference Center, Foshan Anyi company was awarded the title of "industry leader".
      he selection activities of the Foshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Foshan Municipal Finance Bureau, Foshan Municipal Bureau of small and medium enterprises, Foshan media group, Foshan City Federation of industry and commerce, Foshan City, Federation of enterprises, Foshan daily, Foshan City SME development promotion association. After qualification examination, the expert jury scoring process, the depth of the new round of economic development of Foshan's economy to take off the leading force, and ultimately determine the list of winners.
      Has been, Anyi company focus on technological innovation, technology innovation strategy formulation, technological innovation activities in the planning, management, and technology research, product development and technology innovation system construction from the start. The full range of enterprise technology innovation level, in the industry to maintain the technological advantages, in the market to maintain a good competitive edge, a firm position in the industry. Future, Anyi company will with solid pace to respond to various market test, in order to better performance of the return various stakeholders, let the results of their own development more and better zone dynamic development of the industry, benefit the whole society to achieve common prosperity.

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