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HQ Precipitated Barium Sulfate Overview

 Super Fine Precipitated Barium Sulfate


Super Fine Precipitated Barium Sulfate

 Chemical Formula :


 Molecular Weight:




 National Institute of Standards :





4.50 15

 Melting Point:


 Mohs Hardness:


 Refraction Point:




The precipitated barium sulfate has strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high whiteness, high gloss and the ability to absorb harmful x, γ-ray, as well as other advantages. It is an environmentally friendly functional material. It is widely used for a variety of coatings (water-based, oil-based and powder coatings, such as automotive paint, wood paint, exterior wall paint, anticorrosive paint, high-gloss paint, electronic ink and printing ink, etc.), modified plastics (PA, PBT, PET, PC, POM, PMMA, PP, ABS, PE, PS, automotive plastics, appliance housings, films and building materials, plastics, etc.), rubber, elastomers, paper, cosmetics fillers. It can also be used as the agent for **** stomach when swallowed (called barium meal), the battery cathode expansion rod, the glaze materials to manufacture ceramic and enamel, the surface coating agent of printing paper and coated paper, the sizing agent used in textile industry, the clarifying agent for glass, and it can play part of defoaming and increasing the gloss effect. As an anti-radiation protective wall material, it can be used in nuclear facilities, atomic power plants and X-ray laboratories, etc. to provide a good shielding effect. With the X-ray developing feature, it can be used in the medical developing fiber and the children’s toys. For drains, speakers and audio, it can effectively cut off the noise. It can also be used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical chemicals, and the flavors and pigments industry.

ONMILLION Products Features

The world’s highest whiteness

ONMILLION precipitated barium sulfate has a high whiteness. Its L° value is generally higher than 99.5, the hue is bluish phase, and the b value is generally -0.20 or so. Therefore, ONMILLION precipitated barium sulfate has high purity, good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It can keep color neutral without affecting the downstream products while guaranteeing the stability of the color.

Extremely good dispersion and stability at the international level

After a special surface treatment, ONMILLION precipitated barium sulfate obtains a very good dispersibility, and its blade fineness can reach 5μm or less, so the coatings modified by ONMILLION precipitated barium sulfate has very high gloss and thixotropy. In addition, it helps the pigment dispersion, reduce the amount of pigment, and shorten the milling time with cost savings.

Internationally advanced and leading particle size distribution control technology

ONMILLION precipitated barium sulfate has a narrow particle size distribution, and its particle size is controllable, so ONMILLION precipitated barium sulfate has low oil absorption, good gloss, and can be effective in reducing the VOC content. In addition, it can be prepared into thin coating products with good processing stability. It has the function of reducing costs and protecting the environment.

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