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Product name: Special Masterbatch For Casting Film
AY-T100 and AY-T110 are the new achievement of Onmillion Group researched and developed by many scientific research institutions. It takes high-tech nanotechnology and is made by inorganic functional materials with nanoscale and plastic carrier. It has properties of high transparency, increases mechanical property, good dispersity, non-toxic,harmless and corrosion resistance and weatherability etc. It is particularly used in LLDPE/LDPE blown film and it can improve tensile property, openness and impact resistance, etc. It can play modification role for blown film of plastic and has high quality with low price which can improve productivity.

Technical parameters


White Masterbatch

Average particle size of the inorganic material ( nm )


 The inorangic material ( % )


 Melt Index( 190,5KG ), g/10mins


 Melting Point ( )


 Density ( g/cm2 )






White Masterbatch

Average particle size of the inorganic material ( nm )


 The inorangic material  ( % )


 Melt Index( 190,5KG ), g/10mins


 Melting Point  ( )


 Density ( g/cm2 )




Inspection standards 

 BaSO4 contents

 (DIN.EN.ISO.3262, PT.2)

 Mean grain size D50

 (BG/T19077, Pt.1)

 Oil absorption

 (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.10)

 Dry brightness


 PH value

 (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.9)

 Volatility at 105

 (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.2)

 Conductivity S/cm

 (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.14)

 Screening residue

 (DIN.EN.ISO.3310, Pt.1)

 Melt index




Product characteristics
High transparency: reflection rate of the masterbatch is quite close to reflection rate of polyethylene, and granularity of inorganic materials is less than100 nm with higher optical wave transmittance of visible light390-780nm, so adding appropriate masterbatch will have no impact on transparency of product.

Good mechanical property: as the granularity of inorganic powder is less than 100 nm with small partilce size, big specific surface area and large scale of surface atoms, etc. It can largely improve impact resistance, tensile, puncture resistance and abrasive resistance of product, etc. It can also play reinforcement and toughening roles.

Non-toxic and harmless: this product has passed SGS certification without harmful substances like heavy metal, etc. It has little impurity, high purity. Therefore, it can effectively guarantee the safety of product and cleanness on surface.

Product use

AY-T100 and AY-T110 is specially used in LLDPE/LDPE blown film. It can keep transparency for film and improve tensile property of product, etc. It plays modification role in processing blown film and reduce cost for product with good quality.
Amount of adding these products for blown film is about 5%----15%.

Packaging and storage
Generally 25kg/bag. Store in a cool, dry, dark place and avoid moisture.
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