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Specialized For TiO2 Overview

Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive

Property of Multi-element Titanium Dioxide Additive

Appearance: colorless orthorhombic system of crystal or white unshaped powder with relative density 4.40 and Moh's hardness 3.0, and it can absorb harmful rays, nearly not dissolving in water, ethanol, organic solvent, acid and alkali resistance.

Main Application of Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive

Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive has good dispersion, strong hiding power, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high whiteness, high gloss and the advantage of absorbing harmful x- and γ-rays, the multi-element titanium dioxide additive is a kind of material with environmental protection functions. Therefore, it can be widely used in various products such as various coating, water-based, oil-based or powder coating, automotive coating, wood lacquer, external wall paint, antiseptic paint, glossy paint, printing ink, modified plastics, PA, PBT, PET, PC, POM, PMMA, PP, ABS, PE, PS, automotive plastics, rubber, elastomer, paper-making and cosmetics etc and replace with pigment such as titanium dioxide etc.

Features of Onmillion Products

Good hiding power

Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive is a kind of titanium dioxide which takes barium sulfate as core and is wrapped with a layer of rutile on the surface before being silicon-aluminum treated and organic surface treated. Therefore, Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive has good hiding power and it can replace partial white pigment without impact on the downstream products' hiding power and gloss and whiteness improved.

Good Weatherability and High Whiteness

Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive has super high whiteness. It can absorb ultraviolet rays well and has high reflection coefficient for visible lights. As the value is always higher than 99.0, it has good weatherability, high whiteness and good water resistance. It has no impact on color distortions of downstream products and can guarantee stability of color.

Good Dispersity

Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive has been specially treated on the surface and it has good dispersity with scrapper fineness less than 10µm, therefore, the coating added with Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive to replace titanium dioxide will have super high gloss and thixotropy. At the meanwhile, it will increase dispersion of pigments; reduce pigment consumption; shorten grinding time and save cost.

Narrow Particle Distribution

Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive has narrow particle distribution. As the particle size has strong controllability, so the Multi-Element Titanium Dioxide Additive has lower oil absorption and good gloss and it can effectively reduce content of VOC. At the meanwhile, it can be used for products with thin coating and it has good stability for processing etc. It can reduce cost and protect environment.

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