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Special Masterbatch Overview

Special Masterbatch 

Special masterbatch for plastic is the new achievement of Onmillion researched and developed by many scientific research institutions. It takes high-tech nanotechnology and is made by inorganic functional materials with nanoscale and plastic carrier. It has properties of high transparency, increasing mechanical property, good dispersity, non-toxic,harmless, abrasive resistance and weatherability etc. It can be specially used in LLDPE, LDPE and HDPE blown film, curtain coating, injection molding or non-woven fabrics products as it can improve tensile property, openness and tearing strength etc. It can improve processability of plastic because the inorganic material has good thermal conductivity. It has high quality with low price which can reduce cost and improve productivity.

Good Dispersity

The product has been specially modified and it has guaranteed good compatibility and dispersity, no powder dissolved out, no crystal point and no impact on printing in basal body. The gloss of product is high and the product has no difference from new materials due to its good dispersity.

High Transparency

Reflection rate of the masterbatch is quite close to reflection rate of polyethylene, and particle size of inorganic materials is less than100 nm with higher optical wave transmittance of visible light390-780nm, so adding appropriate masterbatch will have no impact on transparency of product.

Good Mechanical Property

As the particle size of inorganic powder is less than 100 nm with small particle size, big specific surface area and large scale of surface atoms, it can largely improve shock resistance, tensile, puncture resistance of product and it can play reinforcement and toughening roles.

Non-toxic and Harmless

This product has passed SGS certification without harmful substances like heavy metal, no odor, no bubble at high temperature. It has little impurity and high purity. Therefore, it can effectively guarantee the safety of product and cleanness on surface.

Increasing Temperature and Keeping Moisture

The product is used in agricultural film which can significantly cut off transmittance of infrared and air permeability of PE; reduce emission of heat and moisture; enhance temperature-increasing and moisture-keeping ability of agricultural film and increase yield of crops. The temperature can be increased by 3-5℃ compared with blank film and make the crops mature 5-15 days earlier.

Good Weatherability

Inorganic material of this product has acid resistance, alkali resistance and ultraviolet resistance functions which can restrain aging of product and enhance shelf life of products etc.

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