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Product name: Nano Functional Material AY-L100F
AY—L100F is a new achievement of Onmillion Group after the research and development of a number of research institutions. Adopting the high-tech nanotechnology, the product is organic dense enveloping particles. Its particle size is nanoscale with narrow distribution, high chemical stability, high activation, high dispersion, high whiteness and other characteristics. It can be widely applied to various products, such as coatings, plastics, paints, printing ink and rubber, etc. Furthermore, it can maintain the transparency of the products, and significantly improve the products gloss, hardness, impact resistance and adhesion while reducing costs.

Technical parameters


White Powder 

 BaSO4   (%)


 Average particle(D50) nm


 Oil Adsorption  (%)






 Volatility at 105 (%)




 Screening residue(325mash) (%)


 Iron (%)


 Watersolubility (%)


 Conductivity (µs/cm)



 BaSO4 contents

 (DIN.EN.ISO.3262, PT.2)

 Mean grain size D50

 (BG/T19077, Pt.1)

 Oil absorption

 (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.10)

 Dry brightness


 PH value

 (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.9)

 Volatility at 105

 (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.2)

 Conductivity S/cm

 (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.14)

 Screening residue

 (DIN.EN.ISO.3310, Pt.1)

Product characteristics

High purity, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance without losing gloss; it has good salt spray resistance and weather resistance.
The median particle diameter achieves nanoscale with low refractive index and extremely high transparency. Adding 30% can hardly affect the transparency.

High activation and dispersion, good affinity with various resins, and it can significantly improve various mechanical properties of the products.
High whiteness, neutral color, and it can maintain a permanent toning stability and reduce the amount of pigment.

◇ L ° value is high and the product has a high gloss and brilliance on surface.

◇ Few impurities, no harmful substances, able to guarantee the safety of products and cleaning properties of the coating surface
◇ Can be used to improve the orientation of the aluminum powder and the pigment, so that the arrangement of the aluminum powder and pigments can be consistent with better metallic effect and vividness.

◇ Can significantly improve the product's film hardness

◇ Has a stabilizing effect on inorganic and organic pigments; also can prevent flocculation, floating color or bleeding.

Product use
AY-L100F can be widely applied to any transparent masterbatches, engineering plastics , powder coatings, automotive coatings, wood coatings, printing inks and other industries.  

Packaging and storage
Generally 25kg/bag. Store in a cool, dry, dark place and avoid moisture. 

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