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Specialized For Plastics Overview

Precipitated Barium Sulfate

Specialized for Plastics

Precipitated barium sulfate is a kind of functional material in environmental protection, for its advantages of chemically inert, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, insoluble in water, ethanol, organic solvent, moderate hardness, high whiteness, high gloss, and the ability to absorb harmful x-ray, etc.. With its own invention patent on barium sulfate, and the different reaction technology and advanced grinding technology, Onmillion Group can control the distribution of particles’ sizes of Onmillion precipitated barium sulfate in a very narrow scope. At the same time, the surface of the particles is come through a variety of treatments, which makes it a good compatibility.

High Gloss

Onmillion precipitated barium sulfate has extremely good dispersibility. Therefore, the plastic that modified by Onmillion precipitated barium sulfate has a very high gloss and liquidity.

Good Processability

Onmillion precipitated barium sulfate can almost be applied to all plastics and can enhance rigidity, hardness and abrasive resistance of plastic products. The high thermal conductivity and rheological property of precipitated barium sulfate can effectively help to shorten injection molding period of plastic.

Good Weatherability

Onmillion precipitated barium sulfate has strong light reflection ability within wavelength range of ultraviolet, good sun resistance and weatherability.

Improve Mechanical Property

Adding Onmillion precipitated barium sulfate can effectively increase crystalline of thermoplastic polymer, so as to improve the strength and geometrical stability of products.

High Cost Performance

Onmillion precipitated barium sulfate has super high reflection coefficient in wider spectrum because it is white powder and has neutral color. Thus it can keep the original vividness and tone of pigments. Most pigments are easy to form agglomerate, which can reduce tinting strength of pigment. Adoption of Onmillion precipitated barium sulfate will obliviously and effectively reduce dispersion problems for various pigments in preparation of plastic and increase steric hindrance so as to stabilize pigments and effectively reduce consumption of each pigment. It can play a role of pigment which includes titanium dioxide, colorful pigment and carbon black etc, so as to effectively save about 10% of pigment consumption in plastic.

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